Press release

The First-Ever MINI Wedding

By Tamara Warren

In front of their beloved MINI friends, Kat Hsueh and Brent Lay proclaimed their devotion to each other in what may just be the first MINI wedding on Friday night at the Infinity Center in Denver. Tears were shed and glasses were clinked and the wedding dance, “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eye Peas had everyone moving at the celebration after the groom kissed the bride. It was off-beat and quirky, but meaningful nonetheless.

“My friends think I’m nuts,” Hsueh said, “but we both grew up with a love for cars. We cycle together, too,” she said. The pair met after Kat quit her job and took to the road on MINI rallies. One thing led to another and the couple has become a staple on the MINI scene.

The official ceremony took place at noon on Friday, but later that evening they renewed their vows with several tongue-in-cheeek MINI twists, including a couple references to under steer.

Driving is an important part in their relationship. In the car they talk about everything from dinner stops to the scenery. “We also talk about how bad Camry drivers are,” Hsueh said. The Palo Alto, California couple chuckled when they realized their second anniversary will coincide with the 2012 MTTS.