Press release

Playing Catch Up

By Tamara Warren

I met Sue Chavarria pulled over on a stretch of dusty Colorado highway. She had managed to catch up with us from Dodge City. We decided to have an adventurous lunch outing at the very cordial Copper Kitchen Café in La Junta. There I learned Sue's story.

Sue had been playing a lot of catch up lately. She took off from her native Dallas and caught the westward bound MINI group in Kansas City a couple days ago. She planned to make it in time for the MINI wedding nuptials in Denver. (The bride is a good friend.) Sue is no stranger to the roads or MINI rallies, and is willing to drive just about anywhere.. When she purchased her MINI Convertible in 2006 it had 10 miles. Now it has over 85,000 miles on the odometer. “I was originally going to buy a BMW Z4, but when I saw a MINI that looked like this one, I never went back,” she said. Some of those miles include past MTTS events. Sue is a member of the Dallas area MINI club Metroplex MINI. She’s an avid traveler, who has traveled throughout her native Mexico and the U.S. When she’s not crunching miles, she’s crunching numbers as an accountant, complete with slim MINI-themed business cards commemorating her travels.