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MINI TAKES THE STATES participants were able to give something back to one of the "host" communities as the MTTS rally passed through the city of Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday.

Firefighters Tomme Tysdale and Nathan Wise of the Waukee Fire Department cook up a treat for early risers on MINI TAKES THE STATES.

A special pancake breakfast was provided by the Waukee Fire Department for hundreds of MINI fans as they gathered at the Rise and Shine event. In return for a delicious breakfast, which was cooked and served by members of the Waukee fire department, participants were asked to make a contribution to a fund to raise money for a much-needed new fire truck.

A fire truck ladder allowed photographers to capture a unique bird's eye view image of the rally.

The firemen also helped organizers of MTTS capture one of the most impactful images of the rally so far, when they provided a high-lift rescue ladder. The platform provided a bird’s eye view for photography and video footage of hundreds of guests and their MINIs lined up below waiting for the drive-off.

Waving to the camera. MINI fans captured on camera from up on high.