Press release

Gretchen's MINI-doodles

If you think it's hard keeping control of four kids in your car, spare a thought for Gretchen Dirks who joined MINI TAKES THE STATES in Des Moines, Iowa with four very special passengers on board.

Gretchen, from Denver, is motoring with the rally to Boulder, Colorado with her four giant poodles in her red 2012 MINI Convertible.

Before starting her first ever MTTS, Gretchen said that her MINI had no problem accommodating her canine companions and that she had carried out a successful test run at home before heading off to join the rally. “It was a Sunday morning decision to bring them but I'm really glad I did,” she said as Bacall, Bogart, Brando and Gable sat quietly beside her at the Rise and Shine event at Waukee, Iowa.