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MINI Together rally returns for 2023 as brand celebrates 64th birthday and third National Wave to Friends Day. Reminds drivers of positive rules for the road.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ,  August 25, 2023. Marking the occasion of MINI’s 64th birthday and the third anniversary of “MINI Wave To Friends” (WTF) Day on Saturday, August 26, MINI USA is pleased to announce the return of MINI Together for 2023 with registration for participants to open next week.
Camaraderie on the road is a hallmark of the MINI USA owner community, and on August 26 the brand celebrates the third anniversary of National MINI Wave to Friends (WTF) Day. Created in 2021 to preserve and promote the longstanding tradition of waving to fellow MINI drivers on the road, the holiday serves as a reminder for experienced owners while teaching fresh-faced MINI drivers about their new responsibilities to make the road a more friendly place. 
Taking its focus on togetherness one step further this year MINI is also announcing that registration for the next MINI Together owner rally opens the week of August 27.
MINI Together, first held in 2021 on the inaugural “National Day of Motoring”, returns Saturday October 21.  This nationwide MINI rally features an app-based adventure, following a game board that includes a fun mix of tasks and trivia. MINI USA is showing “Big Love” for the planet by supporting charity partner “Keep America Beautiful”.   In this spirit, the app will feature activities that promotes the “Keep America Beautiful” mission to improve and beautify communities. The rally will involve a nationwide network of more than 100 participating MINI dealerships, allowing rally participants to gather with other fun-loving MINI owners no matter where they live.
“We’re delighted to reunite with MINI owners this year for MINI Together and help show the world our unique community spirit through strength in numbers,” said Alexia Kurz, Head of Experiential Marketing for MINI USA. “There’s a shared kinship in owning a MINI, and we want to keep that vibrant community spirit thriving through shared experiences on the road, and by waving to friends, of course.”
To encourage safer and more considerate motoring for drivers getting behind the wheel whether it’s for MINI Together, or on a daily commute, MINI recommends the following top ten rules to make the road more safe, friendly and fun for everyone:
  1. First thing’s first – make sure to wave to your friends in their MINIs!
  2. Merging onto a highway can be a stressful affair in heavy traffic, so if you’re in the right lane, slow down a bit and let your fellow drivers merge without a hassle.
  3. When merging into traffic, don’t cut in when it’s not your turn. Use the “zipper merge” which allows for alternating turns for people to merge into traffic without causing a jam.
  4. All cars come with turn signals.  Be safe and always use them.
  5. Always watch out for and yield to pedestrians and show them “big’ love.
  6. On the highway, use the left lane for passing only.  Traveling in the left lane while traffic backs up looking for a chance to pass on the right is not only unsafe, it makes for a lot of unhappy drivers.
  7. Despite what you may have heard, your hazard lights should stay off in the rain. Not only could it be difficult for other motorists to safely judge if you’re stopped or just traveling slow, but it may also be illegal in your state.
  8. Save the tailgating for football season. Remember to always keep a safe distance from other cars on the highway for sudden stops in the flow of traffic.
  9. Be mindful of your high-beam lights at night – being scared of the dark is no reason to blind your fellow drivers. Make sure to turn them down when you’re not alone on the road.
  10. Give a courteous nod to BMW drivers on the road. They may not be immediate family, but a distant cousin still deserves friendly acknowledgement.

For additional information on WTF Day, and for MINI owners and outsiders alike who respond with “WTF!” – the MINI Waver’s Guide provides additional information on the celebration here.

About MINI in the US
MINI is an independent brand of the BMW Group. In the United States, MINI USA operates as a business unit of BMW of North America, LLC, located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey and includes the marketing and sales organizations for the MINI brand. The MINI USA sales organization is represented in the U.S. through a network of 104 MINI passenger car dealers. MINI USA began selling vehicles in the U.S. in 2002 with the introduction of the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtops. Since then, the MINI Brand in the U.S. has grown to encompass a model range of five unique vehicles.
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