Press release

That’s what you call cutting it fine!

When Dave Reece of Winnipeg in Canada decided to join MINI TAKES THE STATES 2018, he didn’t have a vehicle available to take on the cross-country motoring adventure.

His 2005 MINI wasn’t quite ready after some renovation work and so, with just days to go before the start of the western leg of MTTS 2018 in Portland, he knew he had to find a MINI which he could drive from Oregon to Keystone, Colorado. And so began a frantic search for an additional MINI to buy.

Just four days before the start of MTTS in Portland, he found the ideal vehicle – a blue 2015 Hardtop – but it was on sale 1400 miles away in the city of Vancouver.

“I hadn’t even agreed a price but I decided to jump on a plane and head to MINI of Yaletown to buy it,” said Dave. “But the car was perfect so I bought it right there and then drove it to Portland just in time for the start of MTTS on Saturday.”

Asked how it had performed so far as the rally passed into California, Dave said: “It’s been just great and well worth it!”