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  • July 16, 2018

It’s MTTS 2018 first….then we’re getting married!

What better way to prepare for a forthcoming wedding than to enjoy an epic 2,500-mile adventure drive in a MINI?

That was how Sheri Cherasco and Dave Wickersham, of Mesa, Arizona, have chosen to spend time in the days building up to their forthcoming marriage.

Sheri and Dave, who are members of the Phoenix MINI Cooper Club in Mesa, will be married on August 8th and they were determined to find time to fit in MTTS 2018 first, taking their black and red 2013 MINI Coupe JCW, along with Sheri’s Pomeranian, Isabella,

“I’m on my second MINI now and MINI TAKES THE STATES was something we always wanted to do,” he said, “It was firmly on our bucket list so we decided that we would have our pre-honeymoon on the rally…and we’re loving it so far.”