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So, is it true that ‘West is best’?

  • July 19, 2018
Having now driven on both legs of MINI TAKES THE STATES 2018, meeting many of the hundreds of enthusiastic members of the MINI community and witnessing some amazing American scenery and roads on both sides of the country, event photographer Daniel Byrne and myself have been asking ourselves if it’s true what they’re claiming on the western route that ‘West is the best!’

In our totally unbiased joint view – and in truly diplomatic style (we are both British) – we currently feel that after day five of the epic motoring adventure, it’s neck-and-neck between the two routes.

We think that motorers on the western route have so far experienced the twistiest and most challenging off-highway roads, but those on the eastern route have seen the best wildlife, evidenced by the buffalo that were spotted on the Texas and Oklahoma plains on day five of the rally.

The best MTTS morning send-off, in our joint view, was staged by the city of Dallas – in particular the police department whose officers turned out in force to escort almost 500 MINIs away from the Rise & Rally event and ensured they stayed in an unbroken convoy, allowing them to drive on empty freeways and through multiple closed-off road junctions.

The coolest – literally and metaphorically – Rise & Rally venue that we have witnessed was at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in California where the best breakfast so far was laid on for the guests.

But the rally isn’t over yet and there are still two more legs to go. Watch this space for our final verdict.
Peter Rawlinson, blogger